Bright lights up digital artproduces interactive dreams re-enchants spaces

We produce & exhibit the best of digital art for brands, cities and spaces

"Patterns" by Nicolas Sassoon

The Future
of Art…

"Time of Flight" by Future Deluxe

We're a team of passionate people with a broad range of experience spanning art and digital media. We believe digital art is the art of our time. Bright was created as a means to discover, share, and produce digital art for brands, cities and spaces.

"Fuelband Fibers" by Marcin Ignac
"Hyper Hyper" by Mike Pelletier


Our unique platform exhibits the best of digital art to re-enchant spaces, amaze guests and share emotions. From offices to shops, airports to hotels, urban design and more - Bright brings the future of art to a place near you.


"Doris" by Brendan Dawes

We Produce
Interactive Dreams…

Our studio division designs and deploys artwork that sits at the intersection of art and innovation. We work together with hybrid talents to explore how technology can tell better stories and spark bigger emotions.

Centre Pompidou - An exhibition of tactile artworks
Twitter - From tweet to live artwork generation. With Brendan Dawes
LVMH - Yearly social media representation
Centre Pompidou - Remixing their architecture collection with Minecraft
Twitter - 3000 artworks generated in realtime. With Marcin Ignac
Nike - Runners' Geolocation artwork
Twitter - 3000 artworks generated in realtime with Marcin Ignac

this is Real.

We’ve worked with digital talents including Brendan Dawes, Marcin Ignac, Joseph Wilk, and Karsten Schmidt on exciting projects with ambitious brands such as LVMH, Twitter, JCDecaux, Nike, Audi and Orange.


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