Digital Creation, the open way.

Creatives: exhibit your artwork, let the community remix it, and monetize your creations the way you want

Art enthusiasts: discover great new artwork, remix other creative's artwork and earn money doing it
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Introducing BRIGHT

BRIGHT is a new tool to showcase and monetize digital creation, from creative video to interactive art.

Because digital creatives should be able to live off of their work online -just as much as musicians or filmmakers- BRIGHT gives them access to a solid platform where they can showcase and monetize their artwork
however they want.

With BRIGHT, creatives choose the way they want to earn money with their artwork. They can open their source code to the community -earning money through our remix system- , or they can sell private access to their work with our "Art on Demand" tool.

BRIGHT is also a network for creative enthusiasts to discover and remix the work of talented new artists. And the best thing is: if your remixes gain enough popularity, you too can earn money from them.

Digital Creatives
Showcase, spark remixes, monetize your creations, in the way you want.
  • Showcase

    Digital creatives can host their artwork on our platform, and showcase it using BRIGHT'S fully customizable gallery tool, that can also be embedded on artist's own website.

  • Spark Remixes

    BRIGHT offers creatives the choice of what kind of access to give the community to their work. They can open their creations to remixes, and earn money from them through advertising.

  • Get Hired

    In 2014, BRIGHT will allow brands to offer you jobs for their events or advertisement. Stay tuned.

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Art Enthusiasts
A platform to discover, remix and exhibit digital creations in an easy and secure way.
Art Centers & Galleries
If you own the rights to a piece of digital art, BRIGHT provides a set of monetization services. Please contact us for more informations.
  • BRIGHT for Institutions

    Because today art is made, distributed and bought digitally, BRIGHT empowers today’s digital creatives by giving them tools to offer access to their artwork, concentrate on their work, and earn money out of it.

    BRIGHT is a partner of Centre Pompidou, Paris.

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